Professional Experience

About Me

​​and I’m the CEO of BJE, a Motivational Speaker, Freelance and Writer  based in New Jersey.

Jan 2015 

As a Spoken word artist, I've always been able to connect my writing with the souls of my audience. I have been performing and speaking professionally for over 7 years.

Quick Facts

Dec 2016

I create instructional e-learning content, documentation, video tutorials that encompass adult learning theories. I'm currently testing new LTIs and Tech tools within Higher Edu.

12Comics Learning Support program
senior Creative Director & Instructional Designer
  • Responsible for the full development and creation of the online component within Canvas; including course shells, staff e-portfolios and course content. 
  • Create and design staff training videos of customized software for 12Comics programs.
  • ​​Assign, train and delegate tasks to graphic designers, copywriters and freelance staff.
berkeley college
adjunct instructor
​I have taught the following courses: 
  • Persuasive Communication Humanities 311
  • Business Communication English 265
  • Public Speaking English 115
  • ​Expository Writing English 105

Instructional Technology & Design

My degree from Full Sail University as opened many wonderful doors and brought me in touch with amazing people... I am currently working on completing my first book

Professional Skills

I first honed my serious designer skills at Full Sail and it has given me the tools and knowledge that I need to succeed with e-learning.

Motivational Speaker and Presenter

Shakira Willoughby-Little

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I'm well-versed in writing for blogs, education, film and television for both the news and advertising industries. 

Creative Writing

I hold a Masters of Science degree in Educational Media Design and Technology, a MFA in Creative Writing and a Bachelor’s of Science degree in English Media Arts. My first love is creative writing. 

I am an Educator, and as a writer and spoken words artist, I truly believe in the power of words, I have witnessed firsthand how words can not only move but change people. And I am all about change and giving my audience new perspectives to consider.

As an Instructional Designer and Technology Specialist, I truly enjoy creating and editing digital media for business training, education, social media branding and marketing. I am obsessed with researching, designing and implementing novel ways for getting learners to think and digest content that they would otherwise ignore or overlook without today's emerging.

HOMETOWN: New Jersey
DEGREE: MFA, Creative Writing, MS, Education Media Design & Technology
FAVORITE QUOTE: Beauty fades, dumb is forever...